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Touch of Osun (pronounced oshun), was founded by Angelina Ruffin-Alexander, Certified Nurse Midwife in 2016.

Angelina entered into healthcare in 1995 as a patient care technician and held various jobs as medical assistant, phlebotomist, medical assistant instructor, community educator for Planned Parenthood. It was then she decided that she needed more and returned to school to receive an associate degree in nursing in 2007. Upon graduation, she worked in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Through her time there, she still desired more. She would say, “I want to try to help stop the train before it crashes.”

This lead her to Emory University in 2010, where she pursued a Masters of Science dual degree in Nursing specializing in Nurse-Midwifery and Family Nurse Practitioner. She decided that she wanted to be able to treat the family, not just the belly. She believes in a community health and well-being. During this time, she served as a representative for the Emory Graduate Nursing Counsel. She was a voice for graduate nursing students and helped plan extracurricular service learning for students. She’s participated in the Lillian Carter Center global health initiative in Eleuthera, Bahamas wear she participated in education and health screens. Locally, she continues to work with homeless women and children in Atlanta.

Angelina has practiced as a Certified Nurse Midwife in Georgia since 2014.  She started her career in the hospital setting doing natural water births.  She started a solo home birth practice in 2016 where she continues to serve women in Georgia in an out of hospital setting.  She also serves as the Vice President of the Georgia chapter of American College of Nurse-Midwives.

She’s inspired to empower women in pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting while offering a memorable prenatal care, birth experience, and family care in the home environment. As a family nurse practitioner, she believes that the family is a unit of health, not just one aspect of an individual.

42 thoughts on “Meet the Midwife

  1. How much are you prices and do you travel

  2. Are u located in California? Do u travel?

    1. Metro Atlanta, Ga area

  3. I was referred to you oddly enough by my uber driver Kendra. I am totally interested in using your services.

  4. Do you and your team offer pre-pregnancy care?

  5. Hello. I just found out I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I’m looking for information on home births. I just moved into the area. How can I obtain more information?

  6. I just delivery my baby 12/8/2017. It was such an amazing experience. Angelina was patient, personable and professional. I have been totally pleased, confident and secure through my whole pregnancy with Angelina as my midwife. I received 3 referrals in 1 day and was like I have to meet this woman to see if she lives up to what people were saying. They were right she is knowledgeable, skilled, clearly loves what she does and her judgement calls are on point. I could go on but for mommies wanting a good experience I would definitely recommend Touch Of Osun Midwifery Services!

  7. Do you perform VBACS without any previous vaginal births?

  8. Do u travel

  9. Hello Angelina,
    Are you open to the idea of taking on a first pregnancy client with a December 30th due date and consider the possibility of the baby coming in January?

    Thank you

    1. I am currently booked for the rest of the year and January.

  10. I am a Birth worker and IBCLC in SC and would love to be on your referral list or collaborate!

  11. Hi,
    Is there an email we can use to contact you for self pay information?

  12. Heyy There,can u come to Africa?

  13. Do you only do single births, or do you also do twins?

    1. Every situation is different

  14. How can I book you for a hospital birth in July ?

    1. I only do homebirths

    2. I only do homebirths at this time.

  15. Do you do water births at home?

  16. Do you accept pregnancy medicade?

  17. Hello! I am coming up on my 12 week appt June 3. My current OBGYN is through Emory Hospital, but I know for certain I want to have a water birth. Unfortunately, Emory does not provide water birth services. I’d love to book a consultation with you as I’ve seen that you delivered a few babies for a few people I know! Before booking, I wanted to inquire about whether I’d be able to maintain my OBGYN for regular check up appts and have you as my midwife to actually deliver the baby? This is my 1st go around so I am not sure about how that relationship would work between a doctor and midwife for medical record purposes. Additionally, do you work with Anthem insurance for coverage or are your fees out of pocket costs only? Thank you for your time!

    1. Fees are out of pocket. You can choose to stay with your provider or not.

  18. Hi, how are you? I wondering how do we go about contacting you for more information on pricing? Thank you.

    1. Homebirth pricing averages about $3500-$5000

  19. Hi Angelina, I am 14 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I really want a home birth. Do you have any openings for January 2023 (due date is around January 15th)? Thank you!

  20. Hello, I’m asking for my sister: Do you accept Tricare and would you travel to the middle Georgia area for a home birth? Also do you do VBAC?

    1. No to Tricare
      Depends on where middle GA
      Yes Vbac

  21. Are you able to service my rainbow 🌈 baby and I in South Carolina. Just an hour away from Atlanta GA ? This will be my first child via IVF and unable to find someone for home births here in South Carolina

    1. Try reaching out to @lowco_midwife on Instagram

  22. Hello! I’ve read the questions above as to not repeat…My question is: Is there an upper age limit for clients for homebirth?

    Thanks for all that you do!

    1. Usually no, unless you’re in your 50s.

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