Osun (pronounced Oshun): African Love Goddess

Sweet Goddess of Love, Creativity, and Sensualitiy

Know as the goddess of the sweet waters, she is the protective deity of the River Oshun. But that’s just the beginning as she’s another Yoruba deity with many different aspects to her character. She can turn from curing the sick and promoting fertility to being the Goddess of Luxurious Love.


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    My beautiful baby boy delivered Feb. 11 by the beautiful Angelina. Thanks Mrs. Angelina. I know i worked your nerves for 9 months and during that horrendous delivery but we love you and the Ob/Gyn Midwives and Associates Family 😘😘😘😘😘

    Long Family

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    Thank you Angelina everything was just as my daughter wanted. Awesome job awesome delivery!!!


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    The love, dedication, and passion that is taken during an important process like in the birth of our baby, was demonstrated this past Saturday August 15 and in the last 38 weeks.
    Our family, Morales-Hernandez, is thankful of your professionalism, patience, and sensibility.
    We asked God to shower you with blessings and that through your hands you may continue to demonstrate your excellent work.

    Morales-Hernandez family