Additional Staff

Birth Assistants:

Jamecia Ledgister, CLC/Doula

With a B.A in mass communications and her experience as a doula, Jamecia hones the ability to communicate with others in a way that is clear, effective and compassionate. an active member of the maternal health community, her passion for growing healthy families is undeniable. As a mother of two, Jamecia understands the importance of a well-balanced schedule and the difficulties that come along with so much to do with so little time. She is a firm believer that family comes first and looks forward to helping others put their growing family first.

Lakeya Blue, Nursing Student/Doula/Urban Farmer– AS NEEDED

My path as a birthworker/Doula support provider began in 2013 before I even knew what the word Doula meant! As I assisted in over 100 births, it became evident to me that I wanted to support mothers in more ways than just doing blood pressures and taking weights. My path was destined!! I then completed Families First Doula Certification course in 2014, where I began to teach prenatal/postpartum courses to families.  I have now supported 200+ births in the Metro Atlanta area, working with some Amazing Midwives & Beautiful Families.  My newest adventure is helping families get back with nutrition as I am venturing into urban farming.

Shanti Om, CNM student/RN/Doula

 It was 2006 when I first heard the term doula, and learned what it meant. It was also the same year that seven friends of mine were pregnant, and that I acted in the capacity of a preterm doula for one of them, without knowing that there was such a thing. Even after that experience, I would have women (sometimes randomly) ask me if I assisted mothers during birth. In a way,  I guess you can say that birth work has called me. I am an RN, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master, in addition to being a doula. The majority of my experiences have been working with mothers during labor however, I am always looking to broaden my knowledge base so that I may be of assistance to mothers during every stage of the labor process..


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