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Peace, Birth, & Family

Birth Options

  • Home birth– The ability to bring the birth center to your home.
  • Hospital birth– Prenatal and postpartum care package for women desiring to deliver in the hospital
  • Water birth– “Birth Pool in a Box” tub and liner provided.  Birth kit included with price.
  • Prenatal Care– 60 minute in-home/office visit including labs or option of concurrent care with OB/Gyn provider.  Care customized and collaborated for individual client.
  • Postpartum Care– 3 visits including 24hrs with postpartum sitz bath, 72hrs, and 4wks postpartum.

Gynecology Services

  • Well woman Exam– Annual Exams with pap smear, breast exam, and blood work
  • STD checks– Testing, management and treatment, & partner treatment
  • Birth control consultations
  • Pregnancy testing

Other Services

  • Lactation Services– Lactation support provided postpartum.  Referral to IBCLEs and breastfeeding support groups readily available
  • Doula Services– Resources listed on Referral page.
  • Childbirth Education– personalized education and referrals to classes available upon request
  • Newborn Care- Access to Vitamin K injections, erythromycin eye ointment, newborn metabolic screen
  • Birth Certificate– Along with Social Security Number filed electronically after birth

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